This project aims to promote knowledge transfer to developing countries through regular online meetings in the format of “students to students”, “residents to residents”, “specialist to specialists”, “researcher to researcher”. The topics of these meetings will be identified according to the needs of both sides and will cover best practices of both graduate and postgraduate medical education and patient care.

Residents to Residents

Researcher to Researcher


We are exchanging Best Practices in Medical Education, Science and Patient Care   

01.10.2017: Prof. Schwarzbach - What is new in the treatment of Soft Tissue Cancer

Prof. Schwarzbach is one of the World's leading specialists for the treatment of Soft Tissue Cancer and he will highlight the latest achievements in the treatment of Sarcomas, especially his excellent results on isolated limb perfusion (ILP) for Sarcoma Treatment.

01.05.2017: Ms.Rahila Nuriyeva - Marecum: Unique Model of Medical Education

Mannheim Reformed Medical Science Curriculum (MaReCuM) as a novel medical education program is unique in Germany and is attracting considerable interest. The students qualify to practice as medical physicians, but at the same time they can obtain various additional qualifications during the course of their studies – e.g. in health economics or in research. 

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We will be glad if you tell us the topics you are intersted in. We will do our best to invite the specialists you wish to hear:  

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